1k challenge 2020 - month one

I’m Thibaut (@thibpat), you’re receiving this email because you’ve subscribed to my personal newsletter. I was sending my favorite links of the week and I’m now going to write more about my journey to building a profitable internet business.

Since the last newsletter, I’m not working at Loom anymore and I have started a six-month challenge to build a business to 1,000€ Monthly Recurring Revenue.

Today I have shared how I failed my business in one month, what I have learned and what's next. Here is a quick summary of the article for you!

🚨 Plausible ideas

I made the mistake of working on plausible ideas. The kind of ideas that look great in a novel/movie but that don't address an urgent customer need. I started prototyping two of these made-up ideas, and realized it was bad after taking a step back.

🎯 Founder/Problem/Market fit

I'm now focusing on a specific audience & problem: helping engineering teams align when searching for a solution and taking decisions. I believe this can bring a lot of value (time, money...) to companies, which makes it a good problem to tackle.

📚 Learning materials

I noticed I was too focused on execution and lacked timely advice, so I'm bringing three new resources in my journey:

🙌 Wanna help?

I am focusing on the Request For Comments (RFC) process and how it is applied in engineering teams. Let me know your experience with RFCs!

I'm especially looking for teams using this process, to understand the pros and cons of the tools they use.