Week 20th of 2020

Tech news | Write more, write better | Open source release of the week

This weekend I’ve been trying to reboot this newsletter, but I’ve also been thinking a lot about the current CodinGame contest: a multiplayer version of Pacman, combined with rock-paper-scissors. In today’s Twitch stream, we’ve jumped from the position 2500th to 192th, after re-thinking completely the strategy over the weekend! Let me know if you’re taking part in the contest too!

Tech news of the week

  • GitHub released a bunch of sweet new features. GitHub Discussions enables a community to discuss right on GitHub, to avoid polluting Pull Requests. Codespaces lets you edit code using VSCode directly within the GitHub website.

  • Is it the end of the cookie consent walls? Most likely not, but Techcrunch reports that the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has updated their guidelines. Users must now be able to access your content without accepting your cookies.

  • A deep dive in Facebook’s redesign. Their technical mantras where “As little as possible, as early as possible” to reduce needed resources and make them arrive before they are needed, and “Engineering experience in service of user experience” to make sure the end-user experience is the priority number 1.

Write more, write better

This week my twitter feed was all about writing, I found some tips from Amazon recommending clear and concise writing. The two tips I loved the most were to write sentences shorter than 30 words, and to replace adjectives with data (especially good in a tech context).

I’ve also found a tweet from @swyx (a fervent promoter of Learning in Public) saying you should write 1000 words a day! The thread also mentions @nathanbarry who says that his career was changed for the better by his commitment to write 1000 words a day. I’ve never written as much, but I see how accumulating a lot of helpful knowledge can help others and make you a known helper in the community!

Open source release of the week

A friend of mine wrote a JupyterLab extension to help you do better screen sharing/recording when using Jupyter notebooks! I like how adding flashes eases the visual understanding of the progress. Jupyter is a software that helps you manage and run notebooks.


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