Week 21st - 2020

Tech news | Open source release of the week | Twitter selection

I’ve been participating in CodinGame’s Sprint Challenge during the Twitch streams. This competition is now over and I’ve ranked 216th/4955 overall and 4th/391 in JavaScript 🙃 I didn’t get to my goal but I’ve learned a lot!

🗞 Tech news

Twitter has publicly taken the decision that employees that can work remotely have the option to do so permanently. It’s a big news for the Remote Working movement.

If our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and they want to continue to do so forever, we will make that happen. ― Twitter

🏅 Open source release of the week

Deno was released, they present the project as “A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.”. The main advantages from this new JavaScript backend are:

  • Native TypeScript support

  • Promises everywhere

  • Security thanks to the sandboxed runtime

My opinion is that Node has a history of forks that challenged its dominant position (IO.js, Ayo.js). IO.js ended up with a clear improvement for the Node community. Hopefully Deno will also push Node to improve!

So it’s not time to rewrite your apps to Deno, but it’s a cool project to keep your eyes on as it will impact the Node community!

🐦 Twitter Selection

Simple and beautiful UX tips from Steve Schoger:

IE11 support will start to drop around October 2020 (LinkedIn drops support on July 1st, DailyMotion dropped support in February, alongside many others).

An ode to small Pull Requests by Ryan Grove: