Week 22st - 2020

Tech news | Open source tool of the week | Twitter selection

Last week was crazy at Loom, we’ve released a new version of our product to ease collaboration even further. This was a team effort so we were all rushing to fix the remaining details. And the launch went smoothly 🥳

Let me know if you’ve tested the new Team library, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

🗞 Tech news

Notion is now free for personal use. That’s a big deal because you can access a very powerful tool for free. I haven’t tried it for personal use yet but it sure makes me want to try!

Many companies like Shopify have gone full remote, or are taking steps to be more open to remote working (like Facebook).

🏅 Open source tool of the week

This front-end checklist is a great place to get a quick reminder of what’s a must-have, should-have or nice-to-have when building a website. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Have an HTML doctype.

  • Have a meta description tag, that is unique and less than 150 characters.

  • The robot.txt isn’t blocking the wrong pages.

🐦 Twitter Selection

CSS supports a 8-characters color where the two last hexadecimal digits specify the alpha.

People working remotely are like a work API from the company point of view

The recipe to happiness: high ambitions, low expectations