Week 23rd - 2020

A programming contest & my favorite links of the week

I feel deeply sad seeing the events in the USA. I believe everyone should have basic human rights, such as being able to live without fearing for their safety. Especially the minorities. And especially the Black minorities. I hope the protests will bring better rights for them. And that they will put an end to the police killing Black folks.

😃 Personal news

I’m organizing a programming contest on CodinGame. You can choose one of the 27 programming languages and you will have to code the artificial intelligence for a game. It’s beginner friendly but it will get pretty competitive at the top of the leaderboard! It’s starting soon, so feel free to give it a look: https://thibpat.now.sh/contest/unofficial-codingame-contest.

❤️ My favorite links of the week

Ever heard of “First principles” or “Second-order thinking”? Fear not! This website is listing thinking frameworks and tools so that you can understand different popular approach to problem solving and decision making.

After tailwindcss and alpine.js, htmx is hopping on the train of tiny frameworks that use HTML attributes.

A short checklist on how to learn things quickly:

Also, don’t forget to check out Stackoverflow’s 2020 Developer Survey. You’ll learn that JavaScript stay the most used technology, and that TypeScript is very high in the most Loved & Wanted languages.

Stay safe!