Week 24th - 2020

Unofficial codingame contest | Favorite links of the week

We’re having a blast coding for fun and learning in the Unofficial codingame contest. I’ve always wanted to organize a contest, and thought I would start with a small one, but it’s turning out to be more busy than I expected!

We’ve reached 300+ participants, and people are actively discussing strategies in our discord. I’ve also tried to take a stab at this contest and managed to almost reach rank 400 in 4 hours (as you can see my Player Profile).

This contest is really exceeding all my expectations, so thanks everyone for participating or just checking it out 🙌

🏆 Unofficial codingame contest

The learderboard has been moving a lot, we are in the middle of the contest and Nearchio has reached the first place of our leaderboard. Wala and Illedan have also made huge improvements in their AIs.

Yesterday I’ve also released Player Profiles. It’s a fun way to see your progress in the contest. To see when you’ve made improvements and when your changes are performing worse than previously.
You can find these Player Profiles from the main page where each username in a leaderboard is a link towards the corresponding Player Profile.

❤️ Favorite links of the week

GitHub Classroom, a tool to put GitHub to work for education purposes. I would definitely dive into that if I were handing out programming assignment as it’s free!

Zettlr, a markdown editor that looks really neat!

I’ll leave you with one inspiring tweet, bye for now!