Week 25th - 2020

The programming contest is over | Favorite links of the week

The beginning of the week was intense: Monday 15th was the end of the Unofficial codingame contest. I had some great feedback so this really makes me want to do another one in the future!

Thanks a lot @thibpat 👏 Didn’t spend as much time as I’d hoped but had lots of fun 👏 — zogstrip

Thank you very much @thibpat for organizing this contest. It was fun and friendly 😄 — franck

Whether you did or didn’t participate, I’d recommend you to read the detailed postmortem of Nerchio, who landed the second place.

❤️ Favorite links of the week

I love this 2x2 matrix that shows the 4 possible ways to focus on growth for a business. When you have clarity, it’s easier to focus on one thing at a time. With this matrix it’s easier for me to understand where Loom is focusing its effort, as an employee.

A nice subjective summary of new database technologies is always welcome. With this short article, you’ll learn more about TileDB, Materialize and Prisma. Prisma really looks like a technology I need to start learning!

In this twitter thread, Sam Stephenson gives us a sneak peek behind the scenes of hey.com. It’s a 100% server-side app, using Turbolinks to make the app snappier and Stimulus to add some client-side JavaScript when there is no other option.