Week 26th - 2020

Halite 4 | Startup idea | Async comms | Accessibility

We’re back into another programming contest: Halite 4. It’s hosted on a Machine Learning platform so I’m hoping to get my hands into some Neural networks in the upcoming weeks! You can follow the progress on Twitch or GitHub.

I’ve also started a series of blog post on startup ideas. I’ve had many of them so I feel like sharing them might help someone get started! This week’s idea was Video Analytics for Competitive Gaming, I’ll let you dive into the blog post if you’re interested, and join the comments on Twitter.

❤️ Favorite links of the week

As a remote employee and remote work believer, I’ve enjoyed this opinion from Snir David on the advantages of asynchronous written communication over any synchronous communication. It’s always good to step back and think on how we’re using the written medium within projects, and it makes me want to write more.

I’m trying to get more aware of accessibility on the web, and this week two resources helped me. This article from Sara Soueidan and this video from Microsoft were a great starting point on keyboard navigation.

For folks interested in startups, the Startup School Library is a great place to dig as you can find information about working at a startup, getting ideas, building products, targeting Enterprise customers…

Finally, teachyourselfcs.com is a guide on how to get a solid foundation in Computer Science. It includes topics that are helpful to know when involved in complex software projects. I loved the empowerment part: with this list and a couple hundred hours, you can get a very strong knowledge in an area of your choice by yourself.